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Work environment

A healthy sitting position helps increase the work pleasure

A healthy sitting position helps increase the work pleasure

The unique curved foot ensures that the stool follows the movements of the body and that the back is in a rank position. The OneLeg stool prevents burdening the back and knees, the active sitting position strengthens and exercises the small muscles in the lower back and stomach as well as it can enhance the balance. The active and dynamic movement the OneLeg stool provides gives an opportunity for increased concentration during work.

OneLeg is an ergonomic stool that ensures an active and dynamic sitting position when working. It is natural to keep the body rank on the OneLeg stool, and therefore avoid collapsing, burdening and twisting the back. The unique curved foot allows the OneLeg stool to follow the body’s movements, creating a healthier sitting position and a greater work pleasure. The stool only weighs up to 2.5 kg. / 5,5 lb., making it very suitable as an addition to or replacement for the more static work chair.

Anne-Marie Pedersen, visual artist from Fredensborg, uses OneLeg 65 for relief when painting.

“I get up a lot when I paint and am very happy with my OneLeg stool. Now I can switch between standing up and sitting down while resting my back and legs while still having the freedom of movement when painting.”

On Anne-Marie’s website you can see more pictures and upcoming exhibitions.

“I am surprised as to how good you are sitting on the OneLeg stool. While sitting dynamically, thanks to the curved foot, the stool is also very stable and you easily learn how to move on it. It weighs almost nothing, which makes it easy to move around. ”

Surgical Nurse Berit Fredholt

Active and dynamic sitting

“The OneLeg stool, unlike ordinary chairs, provides flexibility. You can tilt and rotate on it, avoiding collapsing, burdening and twisting the back, all things that is unhealthy for the back. The blood flow enhances on an OneLeg stool and at the same time the body benefits from the active and dynamic movements it brings. The OneLeg stool can also stabilize the back and abdominal muscles. The stool provides a dynamic sitting position and makes it easy to change your work- and sitting position, which, as a physiotherapist, I can say is important and I can certainly recommend the OneLeg stool to both children and adults. ”

Physiotherapist Gitte Skov Frandsen

Institutions & Schools

OneLeg offers a better sitting position for children of all ages. A dynamic sitting position enhances children’s ability to concentrate and strengthens the muscles in the back and stomach.


A healthy sitting position creates a greater job satisfaction. The OneLeg stool is a valuable tool for doctors, nurses etc. to achieve contact at the patient’s eye level.

Interior & Design

OneLeg Wood combines functionality with a unique design and materials of the highest quality. OneLeg Wood has all OneLeg’s healthy ergonomic qualities and is made of solid oak.

Work environment

Take care of your body while working. An active and dynamic sitting position is an important way of ensuring movement during work.


OneLeg is ideal for gardening as it reduces the burdening of the back and knees. This make the time spent in the garden more enjoyable and without physical pain.

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