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Interior & Design

When good design and functionality combines.


Design, quality and functionality

With OneLeg Wood, function, simplicity and a clean expression is central.
Simple and timeless design


The visual design is not the only thing that makes the OneLeg Wood unique. The function of the OneLeg stool helps both children and adults to sit in a more active and dynamic manner. The stools curved foot makes the OneLeg stool follow the body’s movements, creating a good and ergonomic sitting position in everyday life. Use the small OneLeg 32 at the coffee table or children’s table, and OneLegs higher models at the dining table or desk. Both OneLeg and OneLeg Wood is a healthy and beautiful alternative to traditional seating furniture and can give the decor an extra touch, whether it is in the office, the conference room or at home.In addition to its simple design, the OneLeg stools in plastic does not take up a lot of space and are lightweight, which makes them easy to integrate to any environment. The higher models in plastic are all black, and despite the fact that all the stools have a black slip protection on the foot, you can choose between six different colors for the seat cover. It is also possible to buy wool cushions with antislip protection underneath if you want a softer seat to sit on. The plastic models are both practical and beautiful for the modern kitchen, the office or the creative environment.OneLeg is available in 5 heights: 32 cm / 12,6 inch, 40 cm / 15,7 inch, 48 cm / 19 inch, 54 cm / 21,3 inch and 65 cm / 26 inch.


OneLeg Wood


… combines functionality with a unique design and materials of the highest quality. The beautiful oak veins in the tree, the nuances and the structure all comes alive in the OneLeg Woods stools. The OneLeg Wood model is simple and clean, and without the leather seat. It is here the beautiful oak tree really shines through.

The Nordic design approach, with clean lines and a calm expression, does not only provide the OneLeg stool with simplicity, it also makes it unique. The design, the materials and the production makes the OneLeg Wood timeless in its expression and is a safe choice for any home, whether it is classical, modern, young or mature.


OneLeg Wood Leather


… is padded with beautiful oxhide in a very high quality which makes the OneLeg Wood even more beautiful and more comfortable to sit on.You can choose between Semianilin and Anilin:

Semianilin is tanned leather with a light surface finish applied. The surface is natural and the leather pores are still visible and relatively open. The leather has a natural surface, good seating comfort, semi breathable, medium lightness, easy to maintain and becomes more beautiful over time.

Anilin is leather that is only tanned. What characterizes the leather, which is 100% breathable, is the comfortable touch, natural surface and amazing seating comfort. The untreated leather quickly gets patina and becomes darker when in use. Color differences of the oxhides may occur.

The black silicone cover applied on the foot makes the OneLeg Wood stool non-slippery, protects the floor and does not leave any black marks on the floor. The black rubber ring surrounding the seat is part of the beautiful design, while at the same time protecting both the floor and the stool in case it should tip over. OneLeg Wood is offered in 4 heights: 40 cm / 15,7 inch, 48 cm / 19 inch and 56 cm / 22 inch, with or without leather upholstery.

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Institutions & Schools

OneLeg offers a better sitting position for children of all ages. A dynamic sitting position enhances children’s ability to concentrate and strengthens the muscles in the back and stomach.



A healthy sitting position creates a greater job satisfaction. The OneLeg stool is a valuable tool for doctors, nurses etc. to achieve contact at the patient’s eye level.

Interior & Design


OneLeg Wood combines functionality with a unique design and materials of the highest quality. OneLeg Wood has all OneLeg’s healthy ergonomic qualities and is made of solid oak.


Work environment


Take care of your body while working. An active and dynamic sitting position is an important way of ensuring movement during work.



OneLeg is ideal for gardening as it reduces the burdening of the back and knees. This make the time spent in the garden more enjoyable and without physical pain.



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