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Institutions & school

Ergonomically correct sitting positions for children of all ages.

Active and dynamic sitting in institutions and schools

It is important for children to move and sit varied as movements help stimulate motor skills and learning.

In particular, the physical education and learning environment should be designed to inspire movement.OneLeg is an ergonomic stool that provides an active and dynamic sitting position compared to the static sitting position a regular chair or stool offers. This is why the OneLeg stool is the easiest way in which children in institutions and schools can sit in a more ergonomic, active and dynamic manner.

The unique curved foot ensures that the stool follows the movements of the body and that the back is in a rank position while seated. The OneLeg stool helps avoid burdening the back and knees and the active sitting position strengthens and exercises the small muscles in the lower back and stomach and can enhance the balance as well. The active and dynamic movements the OneLeg stool provides also gives many children the opportunity for increased concentration.

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“OneLeg gives the child a dynamic sitting position, which provides the sensory system sufficient feedback to make it possible and pleasant for the body to stay calm. Especially for the restless child it is a relief being able to move without the movements being disturbing or are noticed by others.I also use the OneLeg stool for my Occupational Therapist training with children whom challenges with their motor skills, balance and planning, for example during different ball games. The dynamic aspect that the OneLeg stool provides contributes to the child’s practice of weight transfer and the ability to raise their body against gravity to preserve the balance. ”

Occupational Therapist Ingrid Hallas Møller

At eye level with the children

As an adult, the OneLeg stool can be a good tool when you want to be at eye level with the children. When using the OneLeg stool you can avoid burdening the back and knees and at the same time strengthen the muscles. Use the OneLeg stool in the wardrobe area when helping the children get dressed, in the playroom when playing with the children or even in the bathroom. The OneLeg stool is also easy and convenient to take with you to the playground and use when playing with the children in the sandbox.
With the OneLeg stool, you can avoid sitting on a damp bench, an uneven tree trunk or getting tired legs from standing up, while the kids are playing.

“Adults can benefit from sitting on an OneLeg stool when it comes to children. Not only will you be at eye level with the children but just like the child train your body’s dynamic balance as well.

Occupational Therapist Ingrid Hallas Møller

“The OneLeg stool, unlike ordinary chairs, provides flexibility. You can tilt and rotate on it, avoiding collapsing, burdening and twisting the back, all things that is unhealthy for the back. The blood flow enhances on an OneLeg stool and at the same time the body benefits from the active and dynamic movements it brings. The OneLeg stool can also stabilize the back and abdominal muscles. The stool provides a dynamic sitting position and makes it easy to change your work- and sitting position, which, as a physiotherapist, I can say is important and I can certainly recommend the OneLeg stool to both children and adults. ”

Physiotherapist Gitte Skov Frandsen

Institutions & Schools


OneLeg offers a better sitting position for children of all ages. A dynamic sitting position enhances children’s ability to concentrate and strengthens the muscles in the back and stomach.



A healthy sitting position creates a greater job satisfaction. The OneLeg stool is a valuable tool for doctors, nurses etc. to achieve contact at the patient’s eye level.

Interior & Design


OneLeg Wood combines functionality with a unique design and materials of the highest quality. OneLeg Wood has all OneLeg’s healthy ergonomic qualities and is made of solid oak.

Work environment


Take care of your body while working. An active and dynamic sitting position is an important way of ensuring movement during work.



OneLeg is ideal for gardening as it reduces the burdening of the back and knees. This make the time spent in the garden more enjoyable and without physical pain.


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