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Spare your back and knees when gardening.

Spare back and knees

What makes the OneLeg stool special is the unique curved foot, which ensures that the stool follows the movements of the body instead of being a static piece of furniture. This is important as it reduces the twisting and burdening of the back, when working at ground level.

Knees and feet also benefits from this function as you can choose to stretch one or both legs and thereby eliminate the burden on your knees and/or feet.

It is easy to tip and turn on the stool, which provides the user with a large workspace without moving the stool.

“OneLeg is a stool that, unlike ordinary stools and chairs, provides flexibility. You can tilt and rotate on it, avoiding collapsing, burdening and twisting the back, all things that is not healthy for the back. The stool provides a dynamic sitting position and makes it easy to change your work- and sitting position, which, as a physiotherapist, I can say is important. ”

Physiotherapist Gitte Skov Frandsen

Perfect for outdoor use

The OneLeg stools are perfect for outdoor use as they are weather and impact resistant as well as easy to move around.Use the OneLeg stool when gardening, whether it is on the grass, the garden bed, on gravel or stone. We recommend the OneLeg 32 for gardening, because of its low height as well as the small and extra curved foot, as it is ideal when working at ground level.For people who struggles with reaching the lowest stool, we recommend the OneLeg 40.


OneLeg is good for me. I used to have back pains while working in my garden, but now when I use my OneLeg I can work for many hours without any pain. In the same time, it is much easier and cosy to weed when sitting on the OneLeg.”

A satisfied user of OneLeg, Anke Domdey

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Institutions & Schools


OneLeg offers a better sitting position for children of all ages. A dynamic sitting position enhances children’s ability to concentrate and strengthens the muscles in the back and stomach.



A healthy sitting position creates a greater job satisfaction. The OneLeg stool is a valuable tool for doctors, nurses etc. to achieve contact at the patient’s eye level.

Interior & Design


OneLeg Wood combines functionality with a unique design and materials of the highest quality. OneLeg Wood has all OneLeg’s healthy ergonomic qualities and is made of solid oak.

Work environment


Take care of your body while working. An active and dynamic sitting position is an important way of ensuring movement during work.



 OneLeg is ideal for gardening as it reduces the burdening of the back and knees. This make the time spent in the garden more enjoyable and without physical pain.



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