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About us

Our purpose is to help children and adults to sit in an active and dynamic manner.

The story about OneLeg

It all started a summer day in the home of owner and founder of OneLeg, Susanne Schmidt, in her Danish house in Fredensborg.

Susanne experienced an extra burden to her knees and back while working in her garden.
Her gardening often took place in an awkward working position, which led to pain and frustrations.
In order to reduce the burdening of her back and knees, Susanne used a traditional paving stool, as the function of sitting on a one-legged stool worked really well.

However, there were several disadvantages: First and foremost, the paving stool in solid wood was heavy and uneasy to move around in the garden. The foot was too round which made it sink into the soil and the paving stool could not be used indoors or on tiles. Finally yet importantly, the paving stool was difficult for Susanne to keep her balance on and it would tip over as soon as she would get up from the seat.

Susanne realized that awkward working positions troubled many like herself and decided to take action. Based on the traditional paving stool Susanne and her friend Jens Andersen developed in 2011 the OneLeg stool, as we know it today. The goal was, and still is, to enable garden owners, amongst others, to spare their body for awkward working positions and to increase their work pleasure.


It has become clear that the OneLeg stool is great for many other tasks and purposes, other than gardening, and can be useful, both indoor and outdoor, for children and adults in areas such as healthcare, offices, institutions and schools.


This is why OneLegs purpose is to help children and adults to sit in an active and dynamic manner, and why OneLeg is, with its lightweight design and unique curved foot, the easy solution for a healthier and better sitting position for children and adults.

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